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I currently have 512 mb of RAM (2x 256mb ddr-sdram pc-2700) on my abit motherboard, and I'd like to buy some more. I apparently have four memory slots on my motherboard:

Link to image

Does it matter where I install the newly purchased memory module(s), or are there some recommendations/restrictions? Eg. why are the two modules in there right now installed in separate groups and not next to each other in one group?

How about the number of modules? Is three or four okay? I certainly wouldn't like to throw away my current ones...

Can I have varying size/speed RAM installed on the same motherboard and/or in the same memory module "group"? Any restrictions/recommendations regarding that?

My motherboard is said to support a total of 2GB DUAL DDR 400 memory. Does this set any actual restrictions?

I'd like to buy 1gb more ram for my system, which would mean 1,5 gb total. Is this okay, and should i buy one 1gb module or two identical 512 modules instead? How about the arrangement of the modules?

Help much appreciated,