Hola. I'm a new user here and this is my first question. I apologise If this question has been asked in the forum before but I really can't be bothered to search all the forums.

Ok... Here is the question.
I currently Have a Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2.
Here are the specs:
Intel Pentium M 2.13GHZ
2GB DDR2 533MHZ Ram
2.5" 60GB HDD (5400RPM)

I am good at PC parts and the lot. I build PC's and other things for a living. But I am not farmiliar with Laptop parts. So I do not want to take apart my laptop and take out the HDD. So I was wondering If I could use an external HDD (100GB 7200RPM FIREWIRE) drive for playing games.
Would this be fast enough or any faster than a 5400RPM drive?

Please post back.

Thanks in advance, Atiu4Eva
I dont think so because of the interface. The firewire will hold it back.
So would a 5400RPM drive be faster?
Its just that im afraid of opening my laptop because i arent farmiliar with the parts.
WOuld USB2.0 be better? I think firewire is faster. I dont know.
That laptop looks pretty fast, so if you aren't having any performance problems with the 5400rpm drive in games then why do you want to run games off an external HDD when the performance increase- if any- would be tiny?- i dont even know if you would be able to run games off an external drive as they need to integrate with the system registry. I would install games on the internal drive and use an external drive for media.
Actually the external drive would be slower, and case abunch of system overhead. XP can get kinda wonky with USB drives attached if your not careful.
Thanks for the help.
Are there any HDD upgrades for laptops like a 7200RPM drive 2.5"?
If there are where? (Besides Ebay).

THanks, Atiu4Eva
Here are a couple of 7200rpm 2.5" laptop hdd's for laptops....


hope that helps.

also, this is actually an easier task than you think. my fiances hp and my brothers prostar laptops have a slot. remove a screw and the hdd slides right out. to put a new one in, you just slide it in and put the screw back in. not too hard huh?
you got a hot laptop there with best specs ive seen for a laptop so far.

I dont see what the drive is really gunna do for your gaming, unless your running programs in the background. I had a good time gaming with a laptop which was good spec, and used 5400RPM hdd.

if you have the money and time to try it out, go for it, But again, you could spend it on something else for your gaming, like 7.1 surround sound
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