Ok im building a pc very soon. My specs will be:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice (O/C'd to 3500+ or 3800+ if i can)
HIS x800GT IceQ Turbo II (O/C'd also)
MS7125 - MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum (O/C'd also hopefully)
2x 512MB PC3200 DDR-400 (Dont know what brand yet)
160GB SATAII 8M 7200RPM+ (Also dont know what brand)

What FPS will i get out of this system for BF2 at high settings. Also any other comments you want to add will be very helpful as i have only had Intels before.
i don't know how anyone will be able to give you exact FPS in BF2 but i will say that that system should run any game just fine. you won't have any problems man.

also, welcome to the forums.
Cheers man. Ill report what 3DMark05 points i get. At the moment im gettin 280
Thats on a:

Pentium 4 2.4Ghz O/C'd 2.6
Shuttle AB45 Motherboard (only 4x AGP)
GForce 5200 256meg
lol. ahh the 5200, such a waste of time. my friend had one and couldn't play anything on it. he bought my 9800pro for $100 when i got my x850xt pe. he cussed that card so much. lol.
Indeed one on the worste cards iv has. Even my MSI MX440 64meg 4x ran games better. Spesh halo. Lol