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Hey, I'm having a big problem with a laptop. Can you please have a read through this and tell me what you think?!

3Ghz P4, 512mb RAM, ATi Radeon Mobility 9700

DirectX games (HL2, Counter-strike, Sims 2) work fine - no problems whatsoever. OpenGL games don't. They're covered in random extrusions all over the place. OpenGL is software, right? So can I reinstall OpenGL like you can with DirectX? Is it possible that the hardware part of the card that deals with OpenGL is broken?
For the more visual person, please see the image below:

Solutions I've tried:
Omega Drivers
Official driver Re-install
Official driver updates
System restore points
DirectX Reinstall

How I found out it's OpenGL that's the problem:
I installed Call of Duty (an OpenGL game), and it didn't work... then Doom 3 (another OpenGL game), and that didn't work either. So I tried Google Earth (default to OpenGL), and that didnt work... then I set Google Earth to DirectX, and it worked fine. So yeah, it must be OpenGL that's the problem!

So yeah, thanks alot for any advice you can give me! 🙂
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