motherboard : jetway V299B
video : GeForce 2 MX400/64MB
cpu : AMD 900MHz
ram : 640 MB
The cooler of the cpu dried the capacitors on the mobo, which have been replaced in the meantime. Because the size of the new capacitors is bigger, 3 out of the 7 caps are on the back of the mobo. During the first test everything worked fine for win2k. Than placed the mobo in case, put all components on it and the OS wont start anymore. Booting is no problem: choice between Linux Suse 8.0 and win2k

Linux : starting screen with start commands no probs (sometimes a kernel panic because something cant be mounted)
then login as root, is accepted and then the problem : or a black screen or a short moment a red screen (the one of the root). anyway the pc is stuck there.

Win2k : black starting screen ok, white starting screen with the blue bar ok, then normally the login screen but always the blue screen with {registry file failure} the registry cannot load the hive \\systemroot\\system32\\config\\software or its log or alternate.It is corrupt, absent or not writable.

- pc boot => ram ok, video ok, cpu ok, PSU ok,...
- voltage levels of PSU checked ok
- hd met OS's checked in another pc ok

What is wrong with the system? Has anyone an idea??
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