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A while ago I posted a thread asking whether it's worht for me to buy two 7800GTX's over one, and everyone told me "no" since it's a waste of money and most games don't support it anyway.

Today I was reading this website (it's in Russian, but you can understand the graphs)

Which did becnhmarks, and on 3dMark03 they had over 1.5 factor gain in performance... I thought they didn't even have SLI back then?

Also, for almost every game they tested, SLI gave more than 1.5 times boost to the FPS...

They tested games like HL2, Doom, and FEAR (on full setting 1600 res they had 39 FPS).

So, maybe after all, SLI is something to consider?
There's no doubt that you can get impressive results with SLI setups, I have seen improvements of 100% in one or two situations, but it is always only in limited circumstances. For games that support SLI, you could probably average it out at around 30% improvement for games that support it - which would be the most popular ones around but the supported games are still limited - for 100% extra cost. SLI will see improved frame rates, it is something to consider for those who are willing to spend the money on it, but overall represents poor value for money.
And again, 3dmark is a benchmark and not a game, so increases there don't mean diddly. Unless you just REALLY like running that benchmark for fun The bottom line is that it's still in it's infancy, support isn't great, and it requires a high end rig under the best circumstances.