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Hi i wonder if you could help me, I have just made my first purchase from ebay (fastmemoryman),
2x 1GB DDR400 PC3200 184pin, un-named brand for 56pounds (bargain i thought)
to replace 1 x 512MB DDR400 PC3200 184pin on my new abit fatal1ty sli mobo. when it arrived and after installation it read at POST that the two sticks are equal to 1gb, 2 x 512mb, stated the same in windows cpu-z. i contacted the seller after a wait they come back with:
The item youve ordered is high density 128x4, your motherboard requires low density 64x8. The module youve ordered is incompatible with your motherboard.
This type of memory is known to work with the following chipsets:
*.VIA P4X266A
*.VIA KT266/333
*.VIA KT600
*.VIA PT800
*.SIS 645
*.SIS 648, 648FX
*.SIS 746FX


My mobo manual states that it reqiures up to 4gb of PC3200 DDR400 184pin single or dual channel
and that is what i ordered. The seller has stated that i can send it back for an upgrade/replacement but if i do i could lse the ram and the money, also they are based in the US so extra costs on shipping.
Is the seller saying the truth about the high/low density issue and do you recommend i send it back or just cut my losses and use the 2 new strips with my existing 512mb?

Any advice would be very appreciated, thanks for your time
64MEG x 64 = the 64 X 8 you were talking about
dude i don't know what thats about.did you check your bios settings.I don't see any reason why you couldn't get that ram to you have the specs on the ram.

FAtal1ty AN8 SLI
Thats your board right.

- Four 184-pin DIMM sockets
- Supports dual channel DDR400 non-ECC un-buffered memory
- Supports maximum memory capacity up to 4GB
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The ram has chips on both sides, ive checked the bios and updated and still the same.
My mate tried it in his and he got the same capacity 512mb. im so confused, this is my first venture in self build pc and i was trying to save money by doing so. i think and my mate thinks that the both sticks are actually 512mb and someones put a 1gb sticker on them. ive posted an image on  of the ram and the compatibility table from my mobo manual. Thanks for all your input, maybe soon il be able to work out wether the ram is actually incompatible at 1gb with my mobo and thats why its running at 512mb instead or it is actually 512mb and ive been ripped off.
Now i have the both running with my existing 512mb stick and there seems to be no problems at all, far cry runs sweet and windows seems stable.
This is my cheap pc spec (450pounds 4months old)
Abit fatality an8 sli with guru panel
Athlon64 3000+ venice 1.8ghz running at 2.4ghz (hoping to taking it up more but dont really know what im doing just yet)
512mb cheap ddr400 pc3200 184pin cas3 (now 1.5gb cas3, not o-c'd yet)
gigabyte GeForce 6600pci-e 256MB silent
200gb maxtor diamondmax 10
lg dvdram gsa-4163b
550w xclio psu, Gbomb case
not the ultimate gaming rig but upgradable unlike my previous pre-built pc's
looking foward to popping a dual core cpu and decent ram/graphics card next year when funds are available and i know what im doing whenoverclocking at the moment im changing random values that i have no clue of what they do lol
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