First the specs, a 3800+, 1x 6800GT eVGA, 1 gb corsair xms ram, 80 gb HD, Asus A8V SLI deluxe, and a 510 PSU. My temps go as high as 81 on the GPU and 52 at least on the ambient(CPU?). The comp came with an 80mm on the side and a 120mm exhaust. I felt i needed another fan so i went an bought an ANTEC 120 mm to use as an intake. The problem was that the HD Bay goes the whole way to the bottom and faces outward from the side of the case. THis causes only 1/2 in slits for air to flow through so i mounted the fan onto the inside part of the bracket where it directly faces the GPU etc. My temps do not seem to go down hardly at all.BTw the comp has 2 large slits on the front for air. Ill take pics if necessary.

Also: the idle temps are 65 GPU and 45 ambient. I'm using the stock nvidia temp monitor.
Der Meister
those artn bad #'s for a stock cpu cooler. you might want to get a xp-90 or xp-120 that will fix the problem for shure.
I would've thought the one they put on was good enough but bah. And also, won't that void my warranty?
Yah lol I read the little warrenty booklet and it says if you don't use the heatsink/fan they provide the warrenty is voided
How cute. Well my other questions is does the ambient temp have much to do with the cpu temp? The PSU gets pretty hot so would that up the ambient without actually impacting the cpu temps? It seems like the heat from the PSU doesnt go anywhere besides out of the case. I'm confused. 1 other thing, are my temps only high if i experience artifacting or damage w/o artifacting?
Bump +Why does speed fan have 2 of my temps listed at 126? The 4th and 5th readings down say this> Also the reading the MSI program kenshin said about said 126 and wanted it to shut down. These cant be right, right?
The easiest way to find the CPU is to load up speedfan and prime95 and with the speedfan still open start p95 and see which one jumps up.

Also I tested that MSI program and it doesn't work on my Abit AN8 Ultra and it read my CPU as 126*c and tried to shut my pc down.... I think its an MSI only program.
126 or 127 means it cannot find a temp for those sensors, usually meaning there is no sensor there.

The ambient/case temps are usually read off the chipset or a seperate sensor on the motherboard PCB, giving a fairly accurate of how hot the air is in the CPU area on the side away from the PSU. Concentrate on the case temps and don't worry about the CPU cooler.
The other night i pulled off the side of the case and put a regular house fan there and that significantly lowered my temps so im assuming i need more cool air coming in. The added intake probably cant do a whole lot with that HD bay there so should i remove it and put my HD in the extra space below the dvdrom?
I would, if you can. There are a lot of cases, including my own Chieftec, which have removeable drive bays right in front of the intake fan(s) to keep the HDDs cool, but it really does impede the intake airflow at the same time.