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For some reason my x700 only runs Counter-Strike: Source at 50-60 FPS in the video stress test. This is no faster than my old radeon 9600, and I just bought the x700! I am trying to run my game faster, but I dont want to buy a newer graphics card only to get the same result. Can someone please recomend an upgrade for me so I can run games faster and smoother? I have a good amount of money saved up, but nto enough to get everything new, just one or possibly 2 new parts, so I need to know waht I really need, here is basically what I have:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.60GHz (2CPUs)
Memory: 1024 RAM
Video Card: RADEON X700 Series
- 256.0 MB
- RADEON X700 PRO AGP (0x5E4B)

I recently reformatted, so that shouldnt be a problem, and I keep my video driver up to date, and I am running windows XP with almost no background programs running when I play my games.

If anyone could help me out I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance.
Get the Radeon X800XL or the Geforce 6800gt that should help although you might wanna upgrade that CPU it could be holding a high end graphics card back.
Also please don't double post
i honestly think the cpu will be ok for a bit. nothing out there should bog it down too bad. i have a 3.0 P4 and nothing touches it. the x800xl would be an awsome choice. i think you can get them on newegg now for like $150usd. not a bad price at all my friend. how fast is your ram? i'd say if its lower than pc3200, grab you a gig of pc3200 and thats about all i'd upgrade for now.
fyi he said 2 processors, as in 2 2.6ghz I think that would be more than enough wouldnt it?
I don't think that a dual Xeon system would be too great for gaming and would probably be outdone by a higher end Socket A system.
i think he's smoking something...ghost, can you please confirm this. do you have a regular P4 system or a Xeon system? let us know man.
your cpu and gpu are good enough, get another 512 stik of ram you will see a major differance.
why hes already got a gig of RAM he should really upgrade the CPU before he does the RAM.
This may sound like the most obvious thing anybody could ever say but: are you sure you have vsync turned off? It usually maxes out the FPS at 60.

Also, did you ever do a 3dmark run with your old card? Comparing the two scores would give you a much more accurate indication of performance. The X700Pro isn't a bad card at all, it should beat your old card hands down despite CPU limitations.
Oh yah because most monitors run at high res at 60hz sometimes. SO I will bet it is Vsync. I didnt even think of that.