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hey guys, i've faced an error i cant understand...every time i install software that contains msi package i get an error. It says: "The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2755."
Packages are good. There cant be no problems with them.
For example they are: MS Office 2003, Daemon-Tools v3.47, Adobe Acrobat Reader v7.0, etc.
If anyone has any ideas i would be very grateful. Thanks

O/S: WinXP sp2
well I don't know what exactly the problem is. Once I had my whole system screwed up and I was also getting errors like these. Couldn't install MS Office no matter what I did.
What are you trying to install???
see links below maybe u find them useful

error codes:
windows installer cleanup utility:
symantec related useful info " installer roll back error message..":
MS installer update:
there are some command line possibilities as well how to clean msi packages etc..I just can't recall them right now. In any case you should be carefull with this as you can screw your system up a bit...