Hey all!

I got a really annoying error happening on my uncles new pc. When i play any games the gfx card renders everything badly. I attached a screenshot of BF2 to show you. It was running with all settings max.

Heres a screen shot of whats happening: http://img110.imageshack...10/5148/gfxglitch5kp.jpg 
I got direct x 9.0c installed(version 4.09.0000.0904). I'm running at desktop resolution of 1024X768 and refresh rate of 75 hertz on a 17 inch flatscreen monitor. I got the new 6.14.0010.7777 drivers and harware acceleration is on MAX.

Hope you can help me .

Usually when you see something like that it means that the graphics card is overheating. If it eventually crashes out or freezes completly id say yea its overheating. Try running coolbits and underclock the card by about 40mhz. If its still around the return period, get another one.
Nope, I'm about 95% sure its a crappy powre supply.

Originally posted by: Ne0rC
Nope, I'm about 95% sure its a crappy powre supply.

I got a 550 watt PSU . I'll underclock the card and report back. Cheers all.
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ya but what brand is it? just haveing 550 watts dosent mean that its is a "quality" PSU
alot of times if u use the psu that came with case the wattage its says it runs at is usually like a max output not what it normally runs at
EDIT: u might wanna look at the psu section at the psu guide
mm, how can a psu have to do with artifacts... You can clearly see that those artifacts are from the card overheating.. or just that it may be overclocked..
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