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have amd athlon xp 3200+
512kb l2 cache
400hz fsb
nivdia n force 2
512 mb ddr (pc2700)
160 gb hdd

looking for video card around 240.00 cdn. had purchased bfg 6200 oc a few weeks ago,played battlefield 2 wasn't pleased with results , return to store. heard 6600 gt or 6800 are both good as x700 , maybe some of your members can steer me in the right direction. in canada we have , to choose from.. was looking @XFX6600GT 219.99 , or eVGA GeForce 6800 Video Card / 128MB DDR / AGP 8X / TV Out & DVI 239.99
Well, I don't know about battlefield, but I had a 6600GT for half a year, and played Doom3 in high resolutions and details with no lag at all, actually, when I bought the card it came as "best Doom3 soultion", I'm selling it right now for $130 usd... (or best bid) but I think you're looking for the AGP version, and mine is PCI-Express... I don't know about the 6800ultra but it was the top of the line for a while, but I have heard that it consumes too much power supply and it gets too hot... but anyways, too many people out there recommend it. I currently have a couple of 7800GTX and I haven't play any game that gives them a hard time....
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hey man i have almost same setup but i am running on via chipset and with a xp 3000+ and ive been in same situation and i ve come down to two, u will be in agp im guessing. 6600 gt is very nice card and will run all the games right now at playable fps. the 6800 is better though i belive and for the price diff it is now very well worth the extra 10 bux as they have extra pipelines and are 256 bit as 6600GT is only 128 bit. the only thing wrong with the cards is they seem to run a little hot so u might want to invest in some good fans or a good case with plenty of airflow if u dont already. also for any of the 6 series cards u will need a good power supply(can u list ures) as they are pretty power hungry. if u wanted more proformance though i saw on newegg(not sure if u get that) but they have a few 6800s for only like 10 bux more than a 6600GT. jsut a few comments post back up wit psu specs and air situation
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If you can get an AGP X700 Pro or X800 at a good price then they would be my recomendation.

You might be better off getting a slightly cheaper card and upgrading your memory to dual channel PC3200 to run in sync with your CPU.
You can then change the graphics card cooler and overclock it later to more than make up for initial speed deficit