I've had Intel all my life, than one glorious day my P4 fried, so i went with AMD.....Long story short i'll never go back to Intel. Although i will admit the Pentium M kicks @ss
The family pc we have atm is an AMD. My first and 2nd (current) system are AMD based
AMD all the way! Cyrix was a close second.
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never had one(amd) my friend has a 3200+ and its pretty kool

sry andyahunt they are
P4 2.4 GHz
6600 GT
whats your system specs dev?
I'll swing Intel's way again when they start making good cpus again (ie good for gaming )
Whatever gives you more power for your money. Same with the Nvidia/ATi thread. It just so happens that AMD has filled that criteria for a good three years now, since the appearance of the Thoroughbreds, at least. My last Intel system was a 733Mhz P3, then I made the jump up to a 2000+ Tbred more than two years ago and it's been AMD since then.
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amd here lol i could only afford a duron 1.1 ghz so thats what i bout (at age 9)
theve been really reliable never had a problem
With all the video encoding I've doing recently, I really wished I had an Intel.
Don't you have a socket 939 from your last trip to China? If so then why wish for intel? Those X2s are smoking at video encoding.
Darn you NeRoC, now you made me grab some of my Dream Theater CD's .
I go with AMD I will never go to the dark side haha

o and im running a 855mhz AMD k7 slot cpu and sandra benchmarks show better then a p4 1.4 ghz
Well... I never had AMD's... when I had no knowlede about computers(Year 1999), I bought a PIII 550Mhz with a crapy mobo, integrated video and audio, 128Mb RAM and 20Gb of HD....

then... when I figured out that I begun to love computers....(Year 2002) I bought a p4 2.53Ghz, 100Gb HD, 640Mb RAM, All-In wonder ATI Radon 8500 64Mb, integrated audio, and an Intel Mobo... then I upgraded this computer with a Powercolor Radeon 9200 SE 128Mb

then, I figured out that ATI is not what I expected, even when I defended it a lot in fornt of my nVidia friends... and Pentium series from Intel... is really crappy... So... I decided to switch to nVidia.. but I didn't want to leave intel.. so I gave them another opportunity... Soooo......

on 2004 I bought a Supermicro X6DAL-TG mobo, 2 Xeon Noconas 3.2Ghz EMT64, 2Gb RAM, 160Gb HD, Gigabyte 6600GT, and everything watercooled with a nice Koolance PS2 case... The video card was pretty good, it runned Doom 3 with no lag on high resolutions and details... but for 3D modeling it wasn't powerfull enough... Soooo....

2 weeks ago.. I updated my computer... I bought the latest supermicro mobo SLI capable, 2 BFG 7800GTX SLI config... 2 more Gb of RAM... so right now I'm working on a 2xXeon Noconas 3.2Ghz, 4Gb RAM, 2xBFG 7800GTX OC, 160Gb HD.... same koolance case (by the way.. the mobo is big as hell... I had to move the water pump from it's place in oredr to fit the mobo)... mmm... I didn't notice enough performance increase as I was expecting...

right now, I'm planning to leave Intel and go with AMD Opteron... So My next computer will definitelly include 4 Opterons (Dual core ovbioulsy), a pair of Quadros FX4500 or the latest ones... something like 16 Gb of RAM.... and a Tb of HD I think...

So after a lot of mistakes with video cards and CPU companies.. I found out that AMD is the best on CPU's... nVidia is the best on Video Cards... that's it.... no matter what Radeon people say... no matter ATI releases it's R520 with their copy of the SLI tech (I can't remember the name)... Nvidia will allways be the best... I was ATI guy.. now I'm nVidia... I was Intel... now I'm AMD...

take my advice
Holly crap, where do u get all this money from? what do u do for a living?
My theory: rob banks.
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