I have had issues getting my new system up and running, my two top candidates are possibly a faulty motherboard, or maybe bad RAM. I am going to test the RAM right now, but even if the RAM comes back negative, I still would like to check the motherboard, because.......I made a major goof --- I plugged the wrong power connector into the motherboard......So I am concerned I may have fried at least parts of the motherboard.

It did work well enough for me to get my system up and running with win xp, but I had several problems, crashes and lockups along the way.

thanx for any tips--
What do you mean you plugged the wrong power connector into the mainboard?

Which one did you plug in?
You know with 20 pin PSU's that have the extra 4 pin section that helps make it a 24 pin? Well he put the wrong square 4 pin one into the 24pin section.....
Heh, yeh something like that, actually, what I did is I plugged the 20 pin connector in, and the little square 4 pin that attaches to the 20 pin, incase you had a 24 pin connector, I plugged into this other seperate square 4 pin connector on my mobo (K8N Neo Platinum). After hitting the power on button about 20 times, and nothing happening, I took it in to a pc tech shop, the guy quickly discovered there was another square 4 pin connector coming off the psu that was actually the correct one to plug in.....we plugged that one in, and my PC started.

See I'm a newb at building PCs, and I didn't even know that other 4 pin was actually an attachment to the 20 pin for 24 pin mobos. It actually fit quite well into the other plugin, that it was not meant for.

Well anyways, after a few days of having many annoying problems like lock-ups, software errors, corrupted files, windows not installing properly, etc..., and basically not being able to get my machine running, I finally got win xp installed and running. so the first thing I wanted to do was run some diagnostics and see if I can pinpoint the cause of the problems. My two top candidates are:

1. I damaged the mobo when i plugged in the wrong connector.
2. Bad RAM perhaps? (I popped a stick of RAM out, left one in, and all of a sudden my pc was able to boot up and finish installing windows, could be a coincidence, but then again...)

Like I said, even if the stick of RAM does turn out to be bad, I still would like to run any possible test I can on the mobo, since I feel it is very likely I did damage it....
If after inserting the wrong 4pin connector to your mobo and pressing the power button, nothing happened, you shouldn't have to worry about having damaged your mobo. If it didn't switch on, you can take it that no current was transfered.

If you are still worreied about possibly having fried your mobo, simply take it out and check for scorch marks.

You can test your RAM and mobo at the same time by replacing the RAM in your PC with some completely different modules. Another possability could be that your modules are not compatible with the mobo.
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