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Ok. I made a thread about what difference would running winXP Pro vs. WinXP home make on a rig. BUT, after doin some digging and some thinking, I was wondering. Hyperthreading is supposed to EMULATE a 2nd physical processor on your system. Well, Winxp HOME does NOT support dual proc setups. BUT, PRO DOES. So, would that warrant any performance gain for a hyperthreaded p4 to run on win pro instead of home since pro has native dual proc support anyway??
where did you read that HOME does not support dual processors?
I didn't know that... but it would make sense since pro is twice the price of home, or it used to be. I never understood the benefits of pro, but i have it.
I have pro and a p4 3.0 which shows up as two processors in task mgr. In general pro will be more benificial. Probably run smoother and little things that were missed on home.
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well i sure can tell who has done their homework on this. XP Pro is xp home with better networking support and tools. Other than that they are the same. The only reason to get pro would be if you are on a corperate network where the networking features would be benificial. For the average joe, xp home is just fine.
Actually it is correct that XP Home only supports a single processor and XP PRO can support dual core processors. I've seen this topic come up several times on forums and I've seen people say both are exactly the same OS, only one has more networking features and remote desktop ability. If you disagree with me then you can go visit Microsoft's website and look at the difference your self or visit this link to the website that shows the difference between XP Home and PRO:

XP Home & XP PRO

So the 2 main benefits in XP PRO are the multi-processor support. Windows XP Pro supports up to two microprocessors, while Home Edition supports only one. And the various networking and remote desktop abilties that XP home does not have.

And as for HTT, I am pretty sure XP Home works just fine with it since it really is not considered 2 actual micro processor's, but 1 real one and 1 "virutal one".
You want to say that AMD X2 wont work normally with XP home (if I am geting you right).
Surely you are confusing dual core with dual CPU?

An X2 is a dual core single CPU system.

An Opteron server is an example of a dual CPU system, with 2 individual chips in their own socket.
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Lou that link is from before xp was released so the info on that page is partially specualtion at best

If you want info about xp go to the people that made it, not a third party.

The only mention of processor support is that of like elsp is saying, dual cpu boards that are really only found in very high end workstations and servers. It mentions nothing of not supporting dual cores, and i know that xp home works and recognizes dual cores and the virtual core on the P4 with HT enabled in the bios.

Pro has a bunch of extra networking features and some tigher security features on the higher levels...and of course support for more CPUs, these are physical CPUs, not including dual core & hyper-threading...

Originally posted by: SilverVenom57
Pro has a bunch of extra networking features and some tigher security features on the higher levels...and of course support for more CPUs, these are physical CPUs, not including dual core & hyper-threading...

exactly, pro supports two physical cpus, dual core and hyper threading are different. my p4 with hyperthreading shows as two procs in task manager in xp home, so i know this to be the case.

The actual difference in XP pro and HOME is actually the backbone of the operating system. XP home is based loosely on WIN98 SE as the backbone, whereas XP pro is based on and almost is WIN2000 with multimedia and other added benefits pertaining mainly to multimedia and networking. SO as far as performance goes XP pro would be my choice however I am running VISTA 64 Ultimate now I was actually part of XP beta (and VISTA Beta). XP PRO and HOME have different memory paths and recognition as well as Virtual capabilities which in a home PC environment would probably effect you only if you had 4 gigs of ram and in page file performance capability. Most of this would however be kind of inconsequential in many scenarios but the ones it does influence are at least beneficial in PRO.


wow this was a really old thread!


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wow this was a really old thread!

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