Ok i hate windows just as much as the next guy, and i wanna know why do they have this stupid, [censored]XP feature that delays you from installing programs that dont have a "XP certfication" thing on them its friggin anooying and i want to go and box bill gates ears for doing so, any one know how to disable it?
O man you and me have so much in common I hate bill gates If you rally want to get rid of it i can help(i managed to delete all of microsuck's annoying security crap and there policies including the rediculus registration thing) ok for the registration thing just go to C:/windows/system32/wablaln.exe DELETE that file you will have to delete through dos or it will keep coming back and theres another file associated with that file with almost the same name but forgot what its called,there's some more files in your windows directory you might whant to get rid of like Security,polices,and there are some folders on top with absolutly nothing in them at all 3023,3021,2045 can wipe out.I myself have managed to put windows on all but 458mb's withouht file compression deleted most of the stuff that never gets used If you have any more comments or need some help just IM me or email me at.
Thanks, yea i just recently, went throug all my services (microsoft ones) and once i disabled all the stupid one's for server's and crap i gained about 50 mb of free ram!

I cant wait to bash longhorn lol
Sweet how many procceses are runing or how much ram is bienge used by it idleing? you can boost up some more perfomance if you turn off error reporting services and turning off virtual physical memory in you system info advanced tab.