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Hey, im looking for a mobo that has agp/pci express....i cant seem to find one...dont know if they even exist...

But im looking for one so it can work with this pross...

the reason is so i can have a 64bit with haveing my agp 6800 GT OC video card without buying a new video mobo....and a new poss....over 1,000$$ for me

But if you can find one with a heat detector (like the latest inel mobos have) that would be even better

Hope you can help while i still search

If you find a mobo that has AGP and PCI, please share your findings! I just logged on here to ask the exact same question.

I have an AGP X800 Pro, but I want to upgrade my mobo and processor... I want to get a mothorboard with PCI-E as well as AGP, so when the time comes to upgrade my GFX card to a PCI-E one, I don't have to buy yet another mobo (one with PCI-E on it).
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There are board out there, the reason you have never heard much about them? They're crap. Solutions like that almost always are, they have to be heavily compromised.

If you have an AGP card sell it and buy a PCI-E one, it may cost you a little more now but it's better in the long run.
Or, just by a good AGP mobo (nf3 ulra's are good) And it will most likely last you till you need to upgrade again. You could skip pci-e entirely, at least in its current x16 form and just get a new mobo in two years or so along with a new grafics card...

Jordan's right AGP/PCI-E mobo's are shottily made usually and usually give poor performance.