I guess I'll start the List

I'd say/
1st System Mechanic/ or other programs that you can clean your registry
2nd PerfectDist or Diskkeeper
3rd Adaware/spyware/virus/firewall programs (this is what the user is confortable with) My suggestion is
Ad-aware 6.0 with Ad-watch plugin and Spyware Doctor. All the programs I'm listing can be gotten
without paying for them.
4th Avent Browser or Firefox(I never used this one so I'm not sure)

Now I'm hoping some of you guys will post the rest
you forgot opera...only problem with it is that you cant play interenet flash games with it, well atleast i can't, on mousebreaker they don't work...I use firefox otherwise
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Enhancement software? What like cleaners? I'll just list individual programs that I use to prevent ads, spyware etc. Their in order of my fave to least fave, not necessarily most crucial otherwise Virus Scanner would be top.

1. Adblock (Firefox plug in to block ANY ad/ad source!)
2. Firefox
3. Tweaknow Reg Cleaner
4. Ad-awre
= Spybot
6. Panda Online Active Scanner - If I think my regular virus scanner has missed something I use this website (it can only be used with IE though)
7. McAfee Antivirus as I get it on a free licence, otherwise I'd use Avast
8. Windows Firewall - I have a hardware firewall so this is just a little extra security, on it's own, Windows Firewall is not sufficient

I'm looking forward to seeing how much IE7 improves the line. They have to add better features, improve security and comply more with the W3C guidlines and it shouldn't be hard for Microsoft to do this now they finally have a competitor to sit up and take notice of (Firefox). My friend asked me if I had downloadedf the IE7 Beta as he had, my response was "final release Microsoft products are buggy enough".
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1 Firefox
2 F secure
3 ATI Tool +rad linker
Jordan does that reg cleaner work pretty good?
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I have used Macafee QuickClean for a long time and highly recommend it if you can get it cheap but after I bought it I downloaded the trial of Tweaknow and I instantly regretted buying Quickclean. Quickclean does a lot more than just registry cleaning but Tweaknow does such a thorough job it's amazing!

Bear in mind neither are free.
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Jordan you really need to dump mcafee. It is horrible, i scaned a computer with mcafee and it found nothing, then i used avast and found 20 viruses/trojans/worms on the computer.

1. Avast virus scanner, the best there is imo
2. spybot
3. WinRar
4. X-Setup Pro
5. Firefox
6. Adblock (firefox plugin)
7. Motherboard Monitor 5 or speedfan (i prefer MBM5 but they dont support my new mobo so i have to use the crappy speefan)
8. Window Blinds makes windows operating system look cool.
9. Hijackthis
10. ClockGen
ummmm, old thread.

what about

winmend registry defrag?

ccleaner 2 thumbs up?

iobit smart defrag?

how bout these all very good programs to keep your system running top notch? I said good day!


And I say this is a 5 year old thread.