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I have a Antec Tru430 sitting around.. I think I may be running to much on my Antec 350 and if I should change them out,.. here's what I have on it..

3 80mm Fans
Intel P4 3g
1g Corsair XMS Memory
BFG Nvidia gefore 6800OC 25
Another Cheap Video card for another moniter I use.
SB Audigy SZ Platinum
Plextor DVD Burner
50x Cd rom
and a wireless Nic

Thanks for the help guys, and is there a program that tells you how much power you are using..
I would stick the 430 in mate
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Done.. thanks man.. I didnt really wanna screw with it, but I went ahead and put it in.. so I should be alright come to find out I had 5 fans in there.. hehe 🙂 I was probably draining it.. but it seemed stable.. but I am sure the new one will work out better, thanks again..
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The 350W model was fine to run that system but since you had a 430W sitting around there's no reason not to use it.
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