I have an old scsi hard drive that has just been formatted and had windows re-installed. When i put it into my other computer, it boots up fine until it gets to the part where it should say Windows Xp Home Edition, and have the little green loading bar going across. Right before that it just loads the white line at the bottom of the screen all the way then does nothing. So i want to format and install windows on it from the computer it's going into. Only problem is, when the computer's booting up it never gives me the option too boot from cd, so i don't know if i haven't installed the disc drive right, or what, but i need help. (oh and i have ATAPI CD-ROM at the first boot device.)
come on guys, someone has to know how to fix this...
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It is best to install windows on the computer it will be running, what you said suggests that you need to repair windows, or install it on that scsi drive while it is in the computer you want it in. Has the scsi driver locked up, if so i can tell you how to fix it.
umm...I don't know anything about a driver for it, but it hooks up through a pci card...
You cant start with the XP CD even when the CD drive is set as the first boot device?

anyways, a disk with drivers may be required for the hard drive to be detected/work properly. When you start from the XP CD it gives you a chance to load any 3rd party drivers. I think you press f6 or something. It will tell you on the bottom anyways.

I would suggest installing windows using the disk with the drivers. Go to the PCI cards website and get the drivers from there(and load to disk). Load XP from the CD and point it to the disk when it asks if you want to load additional drivers. Install as normal and everything should work.

However that doesn't help unless you can boot from the CD drive right? You sure the CD drive is plugged in right, it has first boot priority, and your putting it into the right drive? I cant think of a reason why it wouldn't work if those conditions are satisfied.
those exact conditions are satisfied. I'll try getting the drivers and see if i can get anywhere further.
I have tried hooking the cd drive up every way possible, and i've tried 3 differen't cd drives. I am really getting frustrated someone please help me figure this out!
The only advice I can give you is to try a BIOS update. If you cant get the CD drive to boot after that, im stumped.
I was thinking about re-flashing the bios, but the gateway site said i would need a floppy disk not formatted in windows, so i'll have to wait to get a new one. Also, something i just thought of, my windows xp disc is the one that came with my Dell computer, is it possible that is why i'm not getting the option to boot from cd?
You have a gateway PC and your trying to use the dell XP CD?

well thats your first problem. Dell wont let you install YOUR copy of XP onto anything but a Dell computer.

I had to buy a new copy of windows when I got rid of my dell. it sucks.

Do you have a friend that has XP?....so you can check if it will install with a real copy?
yeah i do have a friend, but he's out of town for the next week (which figures considering my luck). But i might be able to get into his house, i dunno i'll figure something out.
Ok, i borrowed a friends XP pro setup, which was on 6 floppy's instead of a disc. It sucessfully loaded windows xp setup main menu after i put in all the floppy's. But, then when i pressed enter to install Windows XP Professional, it said it could not locate my cd-rom drive and setup cannot continue. I KNOW the drive works, I have it set as primary master. WHY CAN"T IT BE RECOGNIZED?