Hi, i'm completely new to this mobo stuff, i'm looking at replacing my mobo and cpu..... have no idea whats a good buy.

My requirements are as follows:

Cost - RAM - Must have at least 3 PC133 SDRAM slots
USB- Must have at least 3 USB ports.

Other than that, i have no preference to Pentium or AmD, i'll buy whichever cpu corresponds to he mobo. Obviously i'm looking for it to be as future proof as possible, given my requirements.

Can anyone give me any good advice on good boards that meet my requirements.

As for usage, it's primarily Office/internet/chat applications that i run, very few games (none actually) .

All help appreciated.... cheers everyone

may the force be with you

PC133 RAM??? ur joking right?? - why don;t u throw them away and get urself some DDR-RAM???

or otherwise - get teh Asus A7A mobo - it supports DDR AND SD RAM
Thanks for your advice, keeping the PC133 is based on the fact that i have 512mb that i don't really want to waste.

With the ASUS A7A, can i use both PC133 together with DDR or is it just one or the other?

and i assume it's ok for Athlon XP processors?

cheers )
Never NEVER buy an ASUS A7A266 !!!!! They are both sucking and unstable. If you want a cheap DDR mobo go for the Shuttle AK31 Rev3. It's only $US 80. Buy some ddr ram and sell your old or if you really want to keep your ram go for the ECS K7S5A mobo.
How bout an Abit K7T and an an Athlon 1600+ ?
Do either of the ECS or Abit K7t mobo's support both SDRAM and DDR like the asus a7a266 mobo?

if not, which do they support?

cheers guys, i've opted out of the asus anyway, read too many slating reviews.
The A7A is the only one, that i know of (i think there are more), that supports both. Take note, however, it does not support both at the same time. It is either one or the other.
Actually, take back what i said. No K7T, didn't know it had such a poor chipset. I would have to say go with DDR. You should go with KT266A too. You would also do fine with a AMD 761 chipset. 
look at all those. I suggest the Epox. The MSI would be fine too.
As for a processor, I would say get the Athlon XP 1600+ OEM. I dont know if all those stick in your price range - what is the exchgange rate right now?
Thanks everybody for your advice,

i've been able to check out a whole variety of alternatives,and got some good sites to check out....

thanks again.
The ECS support the 2 sdram and DDR. And it's very cheap : $US 60. It has 2 sdram slot and 3 DDR slot. And it's 100% Athlon XP compatible.
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