I'm using Windows XP Pro and in my network connections settings I have too listings. My ISP under the heading broadband and LAN under the heading LAN. When I right click these settings and go into the properties I can chose to turn on the internet connection firewall for each of these. What I'm wondering is, how effective is this firewall and how does it affect my internet connection and any uploading/downloading that I'm doing?
Thanks for the help.
Like any firewall it'll block suspicious looking incoming/outgoing information which usually includes a fair amount of information that is completely legit. If it starts blocking something that you want to use, like a program or a website, then you can manually tell the FW to stop blocking it. It usually isn't too much of a problem, it won't start blocking everything all over the place, but will sometimes make an annoyance of itself. As long as it isn't blocking anything it won't affect your download/upload speeds at all.

Head over to Zonelabs if you want a more effective firewall, however. Their free version of Zonealarm is far superior to anything MS could ever throw together. Disable the XP firewall, as well as all the warnings and popups messages and start using that instead.
See, I'm not sure if I actually need a different firewall. I'd rather just stick with this one if it's adequate just because I'd rather not install another program if it isn't necessary. I'm just wondering if it is adequate.
Yah listen to Kronstadt, Zone alarm is the best free firewall you are going to find.
I forgot to ask what the difference is when I have the ISP firewall disabled but still have the firewall under that LAN setting enabled? What does that do for protection?