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Hi Guys,
I wld like to network within two pC. Preferably cheap method better yet using a ISA LAN card.

P3 1GHz
WINSONIC motherboard Via chipset
Win 98

a 486 with damn 16MB Ram running win 95

Please guide me thru to set up a LAN within this two. And recomment me the cable type the LAN card type. ISA is better as I hv said.(cheap).

Golden Blood
K Here is exactly what your going to need.

2 Cat-5 Capable Network Interface Cards (NIC)
1 *CROSSOVER* (Extremely important to be crossover) Cat 5 or Cat 5e (overkill on the cat 5e) cable $10.00-$30.00 compusa

Thats it

Plug in the two cards in their respective machines, plug in the Cat 5 cable between the two.

Go into machine a, right click network neighborhood, select properties.

Add a protocol called TCP/IP if it isnt already, take away IPX/SPX and NetBEUI. All you need is TCP/IP and the Card Adapter (and probably the Microsoft Client will be there too).

Double click TCP/IP

Select Specify and IP Address

Put in
Subnet Mask:

Go to machine B: repeat all the steps above

Put in
Subnet Mask:


Your now networked.

Oh another thing is that you are going to have to make sure your two computers are on the same Workgroup, you can right click Network Neighborhood then select the Identification tab in Win98 and just make sure both are on the same like BOB and BOB or WORKGROUP and WORKGROUP.

Now Win98 isnt the best pier to pier, I personally use XP, and did use 2K I can provide their instructions too if you need, but it is pretty much the exact same, just different locations.

Hope this helps!
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Hey Thanks Golden Blood. That wld be helpful.

I am thinking of migrating to win2k. But I feel its too much for the 1 486 machine that I have. Its not easy to get those memory RAM anymore.
Nice writeup GB. Pretty thorough (Even though I know how to do it already. Explains it well ,P)
very nice guide, [COLOR=crimson]GB. two thumbs up...

hummm, i didn't know about crossover cat5 cables before. :confused: pretty cool how they eliminate the hub.
ah well, i got my 4port hub for free anyways!
Golden Blood