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Well my system specs in my sig are now correct. I have a 3400+ Newcastle on a DFI Lanparty UT 250Gb mobo. Im using a ThermalTake Venus 12 for my hs/f. My case cooling is pretty good, it will be better once i get my hd inclosure. My case temps rarely got above 32c in my old computer with no intake what so ever, and this on seems to say about 30-33c for the case.

Ok to bring you up to date i have remounted my hs/f 3 times now, the first because i think i got to much AS5 on there. I used about the size of a small pea and my idle temps just looking in bios were 50c. So i remounted it with less AS5 and it droped to 48c. Now in windows 48c was as high as it got, and idled about 46c. Now that i have remounted again for the 3rd time my idle temps are much lower, now 41c with the mobo, and 30c with the temp sensor, read below for details.

My case came with this fan controler and it has 3 thermal sensors. I put one just under the retention clip once my heatsink was mounted, so it is pretty darn close to the center of the heatsink. The reading from it now about 30c at idle and it maxed out around 35c for a good load (that was after the second remount). Now i havent put a really hard load on it yet but i plan to for this remount. Now my mobo has a bios update i can perform, but in the fixes it says nothing about temp sensor changes. Ether my mobo sensors are correct or off. Would it be wise for me to flash to the new bios, or since everything works just leave it alone?

What gets me is that i have to run my cpu fan at 3500rpm to get this temp, i have had it at that speed to keep it below the 50c mark. Now i can crank it up but i want to be able to have it down to about 2500-3000 rpm when i surf the web, and be able to crank itup abit when i game. Now my conscern is that from this review they have a 3400 and a venus 12 also and they are getting much better results than i am. The ambient temp in my room is about 24-25c about 76F. I figured that my temps should be much lower, like idleing in the mid to lower 30s and toping out in the high 30s, or low 40s.

I talked with Ramman and i remounted the heatsink for the 3rd time, and now these are some pics of what i pulled off from the second mount and what little glob i used for the 3rd mount.

What the heatsink looked like after i pulled it off

What the cpu looked like after the hs/f was taken off

The next 3 are of the dab of AS5 i just mounted my cpu with. Also a bb is in the pic for reference.

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

Now here is the link for the AS5 i...uctions for A64 and P4

It seems that the less of this i use the better my temps get. I know my temps droped a bit from my mouting i did last night, it went from 48 to 46, and now it is down to 41 with less AS5. Am i doing this right? Acording to the articsilver web site my pics look like i put to much on there.

I know this is a lot of info and a lot to read, but i need some help here. I was planning on overclocking this cpu to 2.6ghz+ if my temps were ok, but as of now it looks like i might not be able to cverclock at all. I know AS5 takes time to cure and hopfully my temps will drop.

Now a recap on the questions

1. do i need to flash to the new bios?
2. is my last mounting good, or did i use to much AS5?
3. anything else you can think of?

Thanks for your time.

Black Jack
Personally unless you know that their is a known problem with your mobo temps dont do it, i stand by the "if i aint broken dont fix it" saying, cos more often than not you do more damage then resolve. However its up to you, if it will alleviate some of your nagging doubt go for it, its a small risk, nothing really goes wrong with BIOS flashes except losing some stability sometimes.

I'm gonna take a stab in the dark here and say your remount is probably good, personally i prefer to spread AS5 thinly over the whole surface of the CPU cap just to ensure all the heat conducted to the cap is remove. The AS5 break-in will drop your temps normally but 1C but you can drop 2-3C if your lucky To spread it round i either use a vinyl glove or a hand in a plastic sandwich basg both do the job pretty well.

Personal thought here is your using a 70x70 triblade fan on that possible to get a fan adapter to use a bigger fan which could push more cfm and be quieter? Not much else i can think of to be honest. Other then recommending a bigger HSF like a xp120 or that Vanessa L-Type.
My 3000+ sits at 43C load or so. But that is stock. And thats even with the stock heatsink/fan.

34C at idle.
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Actually Black Jack the fan is an 80mm triblade fan and it moves a good bit of air. The heatsink isnt even warm most of the time, so i dont know how the temp can be no 41c. Now this morning my cpu temp now idles at about 40c and gets up to 41-42c when surfing the web, and my thermal sensor that i put in says 29c at idle and 30c when surfing. Im going to run hotcpu tester and get this thing at 100% load and see how it does. Then ill run a loop of halo timedemos.

Edit hehe will i was writing this is search google for temp issues and there seems to be a problem on some boards with the temp readings. The bios that fixes it is a beta 9/14/04. Now i would hope that they kept those changes when they made the new bioses. The newest one from DFI is 5/04/05. I have found some guy on that forum and i will hopefully be able to get some answers from him or you guys here.

I would really like some imput on whether or not my last mounting was good or not.

Thanks for the help guys
I forgot to ask when we were chating the other day, were those temps with the side on or off? If it's on on your case temp is 30-35C, you can expect your proc temp to be at least 5-7C higher. (My case temps run 28-29C with proc temp at 33C idle, 38C at load.) So your proc temp at 41C is just a few C over what you should expect. I'd run it a few days to get the "cure time" in to see if it will lower those few C.

What's your Vcore reading? A difference of 5-7% can raise your proc temp about 3/4 to 1C. Try dropping Vcore by .05-0.1v and see if that helps.


If your HS is not warm to the touch, the sensors might not be reading properly as we talked about. I don't think your mounting technique is to blame here.
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Hot damn guys i got the temps sorted!!! I upgraded to the newest bios from DFI and now my mobo says my temps are exactly the same as my thrmistor says it was, so my cpu idles at 31c and full load is 40c. Now i can think about overclocking this bad boy. So much for everyone at the other forums i asked for advice for telling me i didnt put AS5 on right. Well that is total BS, a 3400+ Newcastle idling at these temps is damn good, and my cpu fan is only running at a queit 3000rpm.

Now all of those XP-90 fans, the ThermalTake Venus 12 isnt a bad investment, the XP-90 would maybe drop my temp a few more degrees, heck my ambient temp is 25c so the Venus 12 does its job well with AS5. I recommend it, but ill have to see how good it is at overclocking, then maybe some overclockers would like it to.