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so me and my friend are trying to setup a vpn connection so we can both access each others files. We both have broadband, he is using a linksys router and im using a 2wire.

Anyway, we got as far as getting them connected, and he can see my files and copy them over and stuff. Although there are a few problems

1. Whenever he connects to my VPN, his external IP changes to mine so his internet is much slower, so when he surfs the net, he is using his connection to go through my connection to connect to the sites, this seems very stupid and pointless to me, how do I configure it so he uses his own internet?

2. I can't connect to his computer, he can just connect to mine (I am the server)
you probably have it setup to use your network resources.

This is good if hes doing a lot of local traffic on your network, but when transfering over the net ....its poor.