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elo sirs! i have a slight problem with my vid card now. currently my 9600Pro is working in 4x. setting it to 8x gives me a headache (garbled grapix, no textures, etc.). my mobo is msi kt4av which says it supports 8x. why does my vid card don't work on 8x?

thank you all in advance!

good day
Eh sometimes boards can't run at full speeds, but don't worry too much, a 9600 won't use up all the bandwidth of 4x anyways...if you really want 8x however, you can try turning off fastwrites. That may do the trick, and contrary to hype, turning off fastwrites doesn't hurt performance.
Check 4 a bios update 4 your motherboard
I used to have the same motherboard man...that thing is trash, it is really old and doesn't fully support all the stuff they say it does. It only goes can do 8x but its AGP2.0 ...thats why things are messed up. Also, dont think of upgrading to a 400MHz FSB processor...that motherboard cant handle that either. The reason I have my current motherboard (K7N2 Delta 2) is because when I bought my 3200+ it wouldn't run stable. updating the bios wont fix anything, I tried that all the latest bios do for it is add support for Sempron.