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I need help cooling my AMD 64, and geforce 6800 gt. For some reason ever since we turned the airconditioner on and it made the house cooler my computer has been overheating. I do not know why it is because my room temperature is cooler. My computer alone is making me sweat in my room even with my air on. I have 6 case fans running and I have another problem My 6800 gt runs close to 200 degrees farenheit when playing games and now im afraid to play games. I bought a videocard cooler but my card ran significantly hotter. I need help on cooling my system. I hear guys get load temps of like 40 celcius my load temp is close to 80 celcius. HELP!!!!!!!!
go dam thats high. what are your system specs. make and model or each product please. if your 6800gt is made by bfg i have heard of some cards that have had the same problem with the heat. try putting some arctic silver 5 on your gpu under the fan. as for your case which way are your fans blowing?
duelling carl
I am running AMD 64 3000, 1 gig pc 3200, BFGTECH 6800gt oc (the old version with one fan), and msi k8t800 and 420 watt power supply and 3 case fans as came wiht the case, 2 in the back which cannot be taken out and are exhausting, and 1 fan side which blows air in. I never really had a problem with my computer over heating except my videocard and now with the air on 73 farenheit it want to overheat even though last month we didn't have the air on and it was hotter in my room. I dont know why but im afraid im going to burn out my gpu and cpu when playing World of Warcraft.
well i would buy some fans if i were u. can u put one on the side of ur case? if u can buy a fan for that and buy at least 1 more for the front.
duelling carl
whats arctic silver 5? can ig et it on new egg cause i bought this card cooler and it was junk
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you can get AS5 on newegg and use that instead of the thermal paste that came with your vga cooler.
duelling carl
I have a question guys. How hot does your cards run?
my card runs at around 38.5C on idle and probably like 42 on load of CS:S. i dont worry about it too much all i have to worry about if my aerogate starts an alarm telling me that my vga card is going to burn out.