Hi everybody viewing my question and my Dear forum Member
Can anybody help mew for telling Command for talking between to PC in Network in Windows Environment.
i.e We are having Windows Network and one PC user wants to talk with another PC User so what is the Command for that
Do you mean like an IM program?

To send a few simple messages you could use the net send utility. It allows sending simple text messages that pop up as dialog boxes on the other computer. To use it open the command prompt (start -> run type cmd for winxp or command for others) At the prompt type Net send [comp name] [message]. Comp name can either be the network name of the computer you are sending a message to or the IP address of that computer.

As for an IM program that doesn't require an internet connection you can try This. I've never used it, but it like what you might ne looking for. Its called LANToucher.