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I have an MSI K8N Neo2 mobo, Athlon64 3500, and 2x256MB Kingston PC3200 HyperX RAM (dual channel memory kit).

I feel I should have 1GB RAM to run games like Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 (already have 6800GT).

This might be a stupid question but in order for me to take advantage of the dual channel architecture I would have to buy a 2x512MB kit rather than adding a stick of 512MB HyperX into the third slot?
to my knowledge you want to get the same ram to run dual and make sure your mb and the ram you buy supports it also. Someone correct me if i'm wrong there are alot more people with experience in here than me
Yes, correct. 1GB is enough to run anything. More than that, its a big waste of money. 0% increase. (Games that is)
Im almost positive with AMD's at least you have to have two matched ram chips to use dual channel, some of the intel chipsets are a little different I believe but AMD you do. You could stick the 512 into the other slot and then you would have the 2x256 running on dual channel and the other 512 just on its own (I think), or you could get the two 512's and just replace the 256's. Just for simplicity's sake, I might get a dual channel kit of 512's and then sell your old memory maybe to recoup some of the expenses.
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