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Wondering if anyone can help with an issue i'm having.

I have 3 x PC's, 1 downstairs and one in both my kids bedrooms. My main PC is connected to the internet permanently through NTL Broadband (2gb service). This is a Uk Cable Modem supplier.

Anyway, I want to be able to load the Sims (various versions of the Sims - PC Games) on my main PC downstairs and allow the kids to log in to my shared drive (currently D - a partition) and play the games using my resourses. My questions are these:

1) Can this be done - especailly with the Sims?
2) If it can be done, can you please advise how as I cannot get VPN to connct whatever I try (i've deleted any old connections I made as they wouldn't connct)
3) Is this the easiest way to do it or can I just share the "D" drive with the game on it? If I do this, the other PC's cannot see my connection in workgroups - however I see theirs......
4) Help please - i'm totally lost..... dya think it'd be easier to just pay someone to come and do this?

Dont pay someone to do it for you, a little google searching and help from people here would cost u alot less and more than likely would do a better job.

Ive tried playing the Sims 2 through a network and it didnt work.

None of my PC's ever see each other in workgroups lmfao... just do \\\\"computer name" in the address bar to access it.

The easiest way is to set up a home network. Wireless is by far easier than running Cat5 cable in your house. Netgear makes a pretty good wireless router and wireless NIC cards at good prices. Just set up file sharing when you set up your network. VPN tunnels can be a pain set up and keep running.
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Damo - What I mean is that when I click on my Networks it should show the PC's linked, i.e. PC1, PC2 & PC3. It only see's my PC - the main one (Host)

Where do you mean type ||computername? If the address bar on Explorer - well again it doesn't see it.

Ramman - I already use a Belkin set up, have the router with the main PC & the other two use the 54g cards.

So generally the sims won't work would you say? I am looking to run the sims 2 - and the sims hot dates & expansion packs etc etc?

Thanks guys!
not ||computer, do \\\\computer

Or in Explorer, tools, map network drive. Once u've set a share u can then go there n put the path of the share in starting with \\\\computer

eg.. \\\\computer\\my documents\\stuff

That then will put the network drive into My Computer so u can access it.

Some games wont play through a network cos they require files they put in ur documents n settings or even registry keys. the first time u run games some create ini's in ur documents n so on.

Some games work though like vice city, some dont like battle for middle earth, that seems to timeout when im playing it with a friend on my network if i pay it form the other computer.