I have to purchase a PC, but I can't decide which MoBo to choose.
Actually, what is most important for me is silence.
I'd use a AMD 64 3000+ or 3200+ CPU, and the MoBo should have an AGP slot, not the PCI-E. so either the nForce3 or the Via KT800
So I'm looking at the KT800 MoBo's, because they don't have the noisy North bridge fans.
What I would like to know whether it's fossible to replace the noisy heatsink on the nForce3 (Ultra, I guess) with a passive cooler? Or are the nForces too burning?

Actually I'm looking at
Epox EP-9NDA3+ (needs to get rid of the noisy north bridge fan - either a passive or I have to build something with a 120 mm AKASA fan)
Gigabyte GA-K8NS-939 (same as Epox)
Asus A8V (Deluxe)
Abit Av8 (doesn't matter whether third eye or not)
And I've seen both tests where NF3 is better and Via as well, soI don't know

So - what I want to know - whetrer the nForce3 chip is that hot and:
Whether it's worth buying the nForce3 instrad of Via

The system would be: Radeon 9600 pro, 1 Gb Ram and a 200 Mb Maxtor Series 10

PS Overclocking could be bood, but it's not the most important thing. It wil just mean extra heat = extra cooling = extra noise
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Silence you say?

For the Motherboard there's one easy choice, DFI LanParty UT nF3. Passive Southbridge. You could mod another board though with a passive cooler, it will be fine with no overclocking. The DFI however is the best OCing S754 board out there even with its passive NB.

Does your 9600 have a fan? You could always do a fan swap for a quieter fan like the Arctic Silencers. Make sure you have a good PSU for this system too, the A64 puts quite a load on the 12V rail. If you need advice on a quiet one just ask.
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