i just built a new system and it wont allow me to start windows. my system specs are abit ic7-g mobo, 512mb of samsung pc2700 ram, 6600gt graphics card, p4 2.6ghz cpu, 250w psu(i know im getting a new one), 60gb hdd, and a cd drive. evwerytime i try and boot up it flashes this blue screen after the windows loading screen comes up and then after it flashes on the screen the computer restarts. i was thinking it was the psu because maybe its not supplying enough pwoer to control all the components properly but idk. pleas help me. thank you.

Did you do a new install?
i think those nvidia cards draw a ton of power and it may be your psu. also, check your ram and make sure its seated properly. i had that happen to me on a previous system build.
Ahhh, my friend has the same GPU and CPU, he does fine with a generic 350w. He's getting a new one just for peace of mind.
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he has a there that much of a difference between a 250 & 350 to matter? i would think there would be.

i thought the same thing hotshot...noob. lol. j/k
It could be PSU, but I doubt it... I've had exactly the same thing happen to me before. It's probably a STOP error of some sort, last time it happened I don't know what actually fixed the problem but it went away after I replaced the PSU with a better one (the system was randomly restarting and locking up at other times too), removed 32MB of bad memory, and updated the BIOS. There is a huge difference between 250 and 350 watt PSUs, a 350W can supply 40% more power then a 250W. I'd suggest retrying the install after updating the BIOS and replacing the PSU.
yea i recently took the my ultra 500w psu and tried it on the comp im building and it loaded up great. yea im probably going to burn that 250w.
the only thing is after i did that the hard drive blew out. it was banging around at 5200rpm so i threw that out and got a brand new western digital 160gb hdd