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Yes thats right AMD is said to b launching its X2 dule core to marrow as well as its Opteron dual-core... Intrestin ghow intel launches on monday and AMD come out of no where on thursday with their own desktop dule cores... Though AMD said that its FX-55 will still remain the fastest processore out, however this is on said to be by 15-20% in games... So if you looking for a good gamer and good 3d worksation i would think that the New AMD chip will be somthing to look at. It will also be supored by the urrent 939 socket board with a bios update...

The two stories:
Dule core desktop
Fx-55 still the fastest
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humm maby i'll delete this since it seems that thres another thred already on this but with a less flashy name..

Edit: I im keeping it...
lol we have a ton of dual core threads, but the bottom line is that dual core cpus are going to be more for multi-threading for today, but in 12-18 months we might start seeing games really take advantage of dual core. We'll have to wait and see.
Its only fitting that we have multiple threads on the dual core processors, no?
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well i have prices... the 2.2 with 1mb of L2 is very afordable...

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I though dual core was just paper launched by AMD, not going to be released in June of this year? Is someone getting this info from a bad source? Dual core would be hyped long before it came out, this is all so sudden. It doesnt make sense that AMD would release a new A64 core revision and then jump out and give us dual core cpus basically a month after the venice is available. AMD's web site is of no help at all to this, what is going on here i am so confused?
Well it seems like the they just wanted to say they are launching, but really nobody can get them till june anyway
That 2.2Ghz with 1MB per core is what I want.
I'm with you on that Infin - thinking about grabbing 2, one for a shuttle sff nforce 4 and the other for a desktop until I can get my hands on the 2.6ghz or 2.4 at a more reasonable price.