Ok, I've been doing a lot of research on lots of computer stuff over the last week because I want to build my own system mainly for games. A few things are still really confusing...which leads to my question: I am planning to go amd and get an sli motherboard, possibly asus a8n-sli, we'll see. I would also like to choose a motherboard so that I can use the dual-core processors in the future if I decide to upgrade. I guess this may end up being a moot point if I decide I need to have ddr2 ram in the future because i'll have to get a new motherboard anyway, but lets just ignore that for a second. AMD says their dual-core processors are going to work on socket 940 and can go right into exising units. The A8n-sli, and most of the newer AMD cpus and chipsets that go with them seem to be socket 939. So, does this mean the dual-core processors will not work on socket 939 motherboards? I'm really confused by this because I thought socket 940 was the older AMD standard and they've shifted to 939. So why make the dual-core processor for 940? So what is the relationship between 939 and 940 anyway? Ok thanks a lot to anyone who replies...also if there are 1 or 2 really good websites for learning about this stuff, I'd appreciate it if people posted those...this one is good, and I've found a couple others, but it can't hurt to know more. Ok im going to go play world of warcraft.
ni ya jiu shi yi ge shabi
The 939s are the desktop type, the 940 is server stuff, so the dual-cores will probly be initially Server stuff?
Yep, the dual core opteron's will be released first.