I'm not planning to OC, but I do plan to eventually stick in dually graphics cards (next gen, fairly high end), probably a pair or maybe trio of raptors(1 for OS, another mmorpg, a possible 3rd for apps/swap file), and a quad a 400gb drives in raid 5 plus for xmas a dual core 2.6ghz AMD 64 bit cpu if the roadmaps some sites are showing are accurate. That should be enough to handle my EQ addiction when I'm home, and when I'm away it should do great at moving my hundreds of dvds to the hard disk/divx before I leave China - assuming I extend my stay to this winter. Throw in 4gb of corsair xpert ddr400 and that should be a hot box, even with mods to the graphics cards cooling to vent them out the rear (and of course a 500watt psu). Cooling anything I can out the back (Graphics, cpu) instead of into the case is just going to make things easier on me the way I see it.
sounds sweet...thats a a lot of hds
What are you looking for from your watercooling? Quite or performance?

BTW, that case reminds me of a riced out Civic.
LOL I think it will look sweet. Are you getting the 120mm version of the coolermaster?
Well the coolermaster is just a mini cooling kit - I'm not sure if I'll get their case or not...I kind of like some of these nicely painted raidmax cases.

As for the reason for the watercooling LC, I'm into a combo of semi-cool and semi-quiet. Most of the tests I've seen show that even at "low" rpm it outdoes a decent cooler by a few degrees, at mid-rpm adds another 1-3C or so depending on the load, etc. The nice thing is that unlike a traditional cooler, it's not venting it all into the case where it might have some mild impact on so many other subsystems. Same thing with the video card cooling systems I'm looking into. They're going right out the back as well. Should make the back of my PC a furnace, but the insides should be reasonable during long gaming sessions.
I asked because your not going to get the upmost performance from a pre-fab kit, they are more suited to quite running. As for the venting thing, before I went WC, I used to use a section of tubing I cut to vent the air out the back, probably doesn't work as well as that kit, but it helped the temps a bit. Since I built my current rig, my tastes have changed, a lot. I had cut a custom window out and I had everything lit up with cathods and LEDs, but I've long since ripped all of that out. Now the only thing flashy about my case is the window, which I haven't gotten rid of because I'm too cheap to buy one of those overpriced replacement panels. I really like the serious, clean, sleeper look that suggests theres nothing special going on with the comp until you open the door/panel and take a peek, then you get hit with a face full of WC, polished chrome and neon dye.
Yeah, I'm less worried about the efficiency of the watercooling system vs it's stability and ease of installaton. This thing easily has it in the ease of installation, and not having to set it up is a major perk from where I sit. Anyhow, I might go with the smaller brother of that one (the 80mm) because the other case I'm looking at has an 80mm fan. As best as I can tell, that case right there only has a single rear 120, and I don' want to deprive the system of it's sole cooling fan.