Hi, first of all these are my specs...

I have a MSI mobo - K7N2 delta.
1 gig Ram
200 Gig HD
AMD Athlon 2600+ 1.92 GHZ
Home XP
I have350 Watt Power Supply
1 extra cooling fan
Creative Sound Blaster

that is about it...
I also have a printer, webcam, scanner, etc for peripherals....

I HAD a Sapphire Radeon 9200 128 MB Vid Card, but it was getting really hot. Burning my hand to the touch. I ran the Speedfan utiltiy and it said TEMP 2 (which I assumed was my video card ) was runnng at 45-50 degrees and it always had a little red arow indicating it was too hot, sometimes the arrow would turn into fire...

Whenever I played a game, like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2, it would crash after about 10 minutes of play. when I rebooted, Windows said my computer recovered forma serious error and then a IE window would open and say I had a bad video driver. I updated drivers, blah blah blah, tried every setting people could suggest to me on many forums.. But nothing

So I assumed that the card was bad and today I bought a Radeon 9550 256 MB AGP. I thought this card would be better.

So I swapped out the cards and loaded up the new one. I started playing Star Wars and it seemd OK. Then after about 30 mins, I got a VPU error. I thought 'uhoh'. I always got VPU errors with the old card, and I am getting them with this new card too... It crashed on me then..

I reloaded and SO FAR after about 1 hour, it seemd OK, no problems, just that one hiccup.

I don't know what to think here.

I checked the Speedfan utility again, and I still have a hot temperature for Temp #2.. GRRR... around 45-50 degrees. Maybe Temp #2 isnt even for the video card, but I am a newbie and took a chance.

I am not worried about the card, as I can return it. I checked some reviews on the card, and apparently it is not a great card... but it should be enough for a little gamer like me.

Can somebody PLEASE PLEASE help me, I am all out of ideas here. Curse my small brain...

should I keep this card? was it something else than the video card that is causing all these problems?

help me!!

Thanks for aking the time to read my long boring post...
Ok let's take a gander at the problem and see what we can decide.

First things first - your machine shouldn't be getting very hot unless your case doesn't have lots of ventillation - can you tell us a bit about the case? While you're at it, a lot of flakey powersupplies can give you strange problems - it might be worth your time to take a look at exactly which powersuply you have. There are so many shoddy companies who will rate a PSU at 350 but they mean that it's running at or below room temperature (maybe in Antartica...under the 2km of ice) you have be wary of that.

Considering you had the problems with the 9200 as well and the jump to a 9550 isn't a gigantic (if any positive) change in power usage, it's possible that this is your problem.

What about drivers? Which version of catalyst drivers are you running? If you don't know you can usually tell by right clicking on the desktop, going to properties, then when it opens go to settings, advanced and options should tell you the version # as one of the top few things. The same might be interesting for your direct x.

I've had a few poblems with flakey memory on AMD platforms using (oddly enough) the exact same mobo as you. The problems with this particular machine were just random. On another machine with a soyo mobo (those generate their own cool random errors, btw) I had similar problems with a partially damaged xp 1800+. So there are lots of causes, but to be honest I don't think that even 50C is a MAJOR concern, but it's certainly higher than I'd like to see. What's the temp inside of your case? Can you turn your machine off - let it rest until you're sure it's cold (1 hour maybe?) then turn it on and run speedfan right away? Then use it w/o gaming and run speedfan after 1 or 2 hours of just web browsing etc and give us another report? Just a few ideas to try.
I have extra fans in the case that I purchased when I built the system...
I have a 350 Watt FSP POwer Supply...
I have tried using Omega drivers, Catalyst, Radlinkerdrivers...
None have worked. I don't believe it is a driver issue... But I could be wrong.
I have attached a picture of the speedfan utility and of the driver version...
I really appreciate your help!!
Do you have any other ideas ?

Thnk you!

EDIT!! I am not abe to attach a picture, it says my limit is full...
I don't know what I did wrong...

it says...
The maximum attachment directory size has been reached, no further attachments can be uploaded.
You can email it to me at and I can put 'em up if it'll help you mate.

As for the power supply, I'm not sure I've heard of FSP. It could be an issue. RAM could also be an issue, if possible can you tell us the maker of the RAM modules? It might be worth it to put them through a torture test. I know mem86 used to do that with a floppy. If that works overnight you should be good to go on RAM (not 100% sure, but if it fails that'd be a good sign of memory problems) - keep in mind that games typically push subsystems pretty hard, and so it could just be the combination of hard disk access, memory, video, sound, etc all together that's causing one component to trip up.
When I bought it, the employees told me it was a top brand.. FSP...
I took the computer in and they checked the RAM, said it was fine, in fact, they put in their own RAM and we still had problems..
I will email you the pics I took...
I hope they help
tx for the help so far, I really appreciate it.