One day there was some repair going on and the voltage in my house was keeping on fluctuating. Most of the time, the lights were flickering, but the computer could stand all that. But 3 or 4 times, the currect completely stopped, and the computer went off. The current returned after a few minutes.
The next day, my brother said to me that when he turned on the computer it displayed "DISK BOOT FAILURE, REPLACE SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER", and turned it off. Later when I came to check it out, Windows XP started fine.
The next day, when I turned it on, it displayed the same error. I restarted using Ctrl+Alt+Del and it displayed the same error. Then, i pressed the off button. After a few seconds, I turned the computer on, and it started working properly.

Please tell me whats wrong with my computer.
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Try this:

"If you think you may have crucial Windows files missing and want to check the integrity of your OS do the following: MAKE SURE you have the Windows installation CD in the CD drive first then go to run and type"sfc /scannow". Type it exactly as shown (without quotation marks obviously) and don't forget the space before the /."

The drive could have been damaged or the OS installation might just be a bit screwd. You should have really had the PC off during this time.
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