right. im gonna be upgrading in near future.


with socket 939...

whats best 2 x512 cas 2 ram
4x 512 cas 3 ram
2x 1gig cas 3 ram

is it even worth getting cas 2 ram and putrting 2 gigs in?

im confused as to what the most efficient is.

i may need 2 gig cus many mods ive played need more than that.

what would you go for and why. im in uk if anyone wants to give me link to purchase.


(im prob not overclocking)
iv had loads of ram since i got a pc - and tbh, cas timings do nothing for me other than add a few points on a benchmark here and there.

IF you've got alot of money to spend - and esp if your not overclocking - id go for the 2gig option. Aslong as ur mobo and take 2gb - it shud come in handy more than a gig of cas 2 stuff.
Ok here's the thing: you might want to get a pair of kingston C2.5 1gb sticks, because a new revision of the Athlon 64 core is due out soon that will let you slap in 4 dual sided modules (right now that won't work on any 939 cpus I've seen). Anyhow - this will let you go up to 4gb when you need it
when is this new revision out roughly? i can wait but not forever. does the revision have a codename or is it like winchester rev.2
Well I know it's reffered to online a lot as Venice - and I believe they're doing low volume shipments now and ramping them up.
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