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Ok, i finally brought myself to buy the Thermaltake Bigwater watercooling system. I also bought a quart of Fluid XP+ non-conductive coolant so i don't have to worry about leaks. (im doing a leak test anyway). Overall im feeling good about it, but today my dad (who has worked as much on my comp as i have) raised some very worrysome issues. He asked me "what happens if the pump fails?" I have no answer to this, but I have a theory:

Well obviously if the pump fails my cpu gets fried. BUT my mobo has a feature where if the bios doesn't detect a cpu fan spinning...the computer will shut down, preventing damage. The bigwater pump gets its power from a fan if i plug it into the cpu fan header, will the motherboard see it as a fan and will that feature kick in?


Since the bios WILL NOT BOOT without seeing a cpu fan present, will it recognize the pump as a fan...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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THe fan header knows the CPU fan is on or off if a high enough voltage is being drawn. It can't tell what's connected. There is usually a BIOS option to disable this "feature" but not always.

If you pump fials you're still going to have copper in contact with the CPU acting as a HS. As long as you have thermal shutdown eabled on the Motherboard (e.g. 65C) if the pump fails the system will shut down before it gets too hot. Only a CPU with no HS would but up instantly.
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yea usualy you can disable this feature in the bios and have a temperature shutoff instead is that feature in your bios or no?