I havent' been able to find many decent comparisons out there and would like some feedback. I currently have a Gainward GeForce3 TI200 with 128MB Ram that has been good to me for the last 3 years. I had wanted to get the new Gainward Powerpack 1960 that is a 6600GT GLH, but it seems that Gainward isn't selling in the US anymore. In fact, they have closed up their offices in the US and in the UK (mail has bounced back from those sites).

I was leaning towards the MSI NX6600GT card until I read that it had heatsink issues (like them NOT being attached properly), and now I am leaning towards the XFX. There is also an OCed Asus EN6600GT/TOP/TD/128M board that is $252 from Newegg, but I haven't been able to find any reviews on it (benchmarks etc)

However, I saw that there is the ATIx800XL card out there for about $285-$300 that ranks out pretty good. However, I walked away from ATI 5 years ago because I couldn't stand all the issues I had with their cards so I am leary of going back to ATI.

Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.
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Whatever you do I would recommend avoiding 2x6600GTs in SLI, it's just not worth it IMO. It means extra heat, extra power usage, extra noise and it does worse than a 600GT in most tests. It also requires a more expensive Motherboard. You mus be upgrading the rest of your system right? You should list all your specs.

The X800XL is excellent value and the 6800GT is a good option if you want to stick to nVidia but the X800XL is my personal pick just now.
I am upgrading my entire system. This is what I have set my sights on:

2) AMD 3500+ (not sure which to go with 90nm vs the .13 micron architecture)
3) 2 GB of the Kingston CL3 or 2 GB of the Corsair TwinX1024-3200c2 (2-3-3-6) or 1 GB of the Corsair TwinX1024-3200XL (2-2-2-5)
4) I have to say that I am leaning more and more towards the Sapphire x800XL only because the 6800GT is so expensive and because the HIS x800XL isn't readily available.

Picking myself up a XION Black ATX Gaming PC Case With 450W PSU, Model "XON-001.

My current System has a Gainward GF3 TI200, MSI Mobo (this is what is forcing me to upgrade cause the caps are leaking and corroding), SB Live Value!, 512MB ram, 200GB HDD 7200 RPM with 8 MB cache, 80 GB HDD, DVD player, CDRW.
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Just get the Ultra-D and save yourself money on the Mobo. I suggest you buy a better PSU than the one that comes with the case. Read the PSU guide in the PSU section, it's a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

I'd go for 1GB of PC4000 or higher RAM for OCing. 2GB of value RAM is great too. Games don't use it yet but they will in the future. Don't know when though so you could be upgrading to DDR2 by the time it happens.
Jordan -
Why do you suggest not getting the SLI board? Do you think that ATI won't go that route?

Also, I know you suggested that I upgrade the PSU. I take it that AZZA is a no name company that provides a low-end PSU?

Thanks in advance.
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Yes to PSU question.

Ati will do SLI but in their own way, it won't be compatible with nVidia SLI boards. I just don't think SLI is or ever will be worth it in the current generation.
Kind of like how the Monster daughter VGA cards weren't worth it, right?
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"This is the way I am looking and wanted your recommendations:

System Specs (when I am done buying everything)
1) DFI LanParty UT NF4 SLI-DR or just the UT NF4 Ultra-D
2) AMD 3500+ (Winchester)
3) 1-2 GB of RAM
4) 200 GB 7200RPB 8 MB HDD
5) 40 GB HDD
6) 16x DVD player
7) 52X CDRW
8) Sapphire x800XL video card
9) Case ????
10) PSU???? (Seasonic S-12?)

Items 4-7 are currently sitting in my system.

On the RAM, you mentioned PC4000 in one of your posts. Will the DFI Boards handle that when it says they only support PC3200? What will that get me? Also, will the extra speed overcome the latency rates?"

You emailed me the above but it's always better to keep it to the forums so you get the benifit of other peoples views too. If you really need to get a hold of me then PM me

Any of the recommended brands are good obviously. Thermaltake if you're on a budget, Enermax Noisetaker are excellent quality and good alrounders, Seasonis S12 if you are looking for as quiet as possible. With your other compoents though you would'nt be able to hear the difference between the very quiet Noisetaker and the super quiet S12.

Pick a case you like the style of. It comes down to personal taste. I like cases with 120mm fans for best airflow. Antec SuperLanboy and P160 are great for airflow.

No board is ever rated higher than PC3200. You have to overlcok to take advantage of PC3500 RAM or faster, at first it will only register as PC3200. That's why I said recommended if you are OCing... and I wouldn't have recommended higher rated RAM if the Mobo I also recommended wasn't compatible.