hEllo all

i want to play some of the lattest games like doom3, half-life 2....
so i decided to up grade my graphic card:

i`m thinking about the following cards:
geforce fx 5200
geforce fx 5600 128 mb
geforce fx 5700 128 mb

i want to know which of these cards will allow me to play the games i mentioned smoothly and with decent

my pc
P4 1.7 Ghz
256 sdram
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Your systems gona really struggle.

These games like 1GB of RAM and a good card like a 9800 Pro if you wan't to un with all the effects on and decent resolutions. With your system and any of those cards you'll be running 800x600 resolution with quality settins on low-medium.

Your gona need to get another 256MB RAM minimum along with a beter card. Buy off eBay and ry to get a 2nd hand 9600Pro or above if your budget's really tight.