Cpu core 1.47v
+1.5v 1.50v
+3.3v 3.30v
+5v 5.05v
+12v 12.06v

i read alot about strong 12 v rails and everything ,but i don't know how to tell. i have these readings from everest home but they don't mean anything to me. if this is ok what would be bad? the psu is an antec 430w truepower. also are the pci slot fans any good?
That is totally within the acceptable range, which is normally around 1 to 3% variation depending on the PSU. Anything within 5% should be fine. So for your 3.3, that would be 3.15 to 3.45 for example. Your's are about as dead on as they will get.

I have the big brother of your PSU and have used it for along time. Antec's are very dependable, if a little loud and hot.

PCI slot coolers are helpful if your video card is running hot. Other than that, alot of times they are blocked by other cards and don't do a whole lot of good.
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