Hi all

I bought a new computer like 6 months ago it is a dell with a 3Ghz processer P4 and 1Gb ram 160Gb hard drive etc. I have a video card in it now and it is a Ati Radeon X300 128 Mb I'm having a dual display working fine. wheb I bought the computer I didn' really look at the videocard because of the budget. I have been working now and have some money again so I went on looking for a nice graphic card for like a 150 euros or something and I came across a ATI Radeon X600XT - 256 Mo DDR - PCI Express - Output TV/DVI for like 149 euros but I didn't find any comparing stuff between a X300 and X600 so I was wondering if there is any use in buying this new graphics card.

I was also wondering if it is possible to use two graphic cards and plug a monitor on every graphic card or even plug like 4 monitors or something (right now I have two monitors plugged on my X300 card) so is it possible to put in the X600 card and leave the X300 card in it and plug one of the monitors on the X600 one or even plug for of them two on every card? (hehe don't know what to use 4 monitors for but hehe you never know got two monitors doing nothing anyway)

If anyone could help me would be very appreciated

Yes it is possible to have two video cards in your system. I do. However, I believe that you have only one PCI-e 16x slot on your board so you can only use one of those two cards. You would have to dig up a plain on PCI (not -e) card. The X600 is a fair bit faster than the X300 though there are better boards out there.
thanks InfinityzeN for the reply. What cards would you propose (not to expensive though) I'm doing a lot of 3d work with 3d studio max and how many monitors are you able to plug on to your computer with those two cards? (seems like they are GeForce cards I have a Ati card maybe I'll have to change that to then)