Hey guys this is my first post in here for a while, i just got back into the system because my new system does nothing i want it too, even after telling it i love her...

my specs are listed below
and here is my problem every time i boot up my computer, bam nothing... i mean the monitors are getting zero signal, what is going on? I think this might be a problem though... see a while back i switched the voltage on my P.s.u unit to the wrong postion 120/240 switch. would that have done it? also every thing in my case is running, all the 5 fans, hds, cd-rom drive fan over cpu, video cards every thing is running but nothing boots up. ive tried putting in the bios cd in with 3 different cd-rom drives nothing happens, ive used the hds by them selfs nothing happens what is a guy to do i am SOOO SOOO lost, btw i am cursed with computers, my first computer part i ever recieved i had to RMA it, every thing has gone down hill since
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When you put the voltage switch to the wrong postion, did you turn the comp on for any length of time? Was it on when you fliped the switch? If you run a comp like that it normally blows the psu and can take out every component in the system. If you can borrow a psu from someone and put it in your system. If everything works, then your psu took the hit and saved you a lot of money. If it doesnt to anything with the borrowed psu, then test each part, except the mobo. If everything turns out ok, then your mobo is gone. As for your psu i have no idea if it is gone or not, but i do know that if you have that switch put to 240 when you are pluged into 120, it makes a popping sound and then the smell of burnt electronics fills the air, sometimes even a puff of smoke comes out.