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going to be purchasing a laptop for some general programming and some graphics work as well. would rather it be reasonably priced. ($1200 - $1500) any ideas?
Tons, what are you looking for in terms of size?

If you get a desktop repacement, it will be big and heavy, but you'll get far far more power for your money. If you want thin and light, you'll give up screen space, cpu speed, harddrive space, and video power.
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Most companies do buy their chasis' (case, keyboard and screen) from one of a small number companies as far as I know.
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size isn't really a big factor for me... i'm not really into lugging the biggest of laptops around with me, and i'm not bothered by a small screen. i'd like at least a 60GB HD, 512MB DDR... and is AMD the way to go?

i'm having trouble getting my hands on one around here... any good websites i could take a look at for some prices and AMD models?

Really appreciate the comments.
actually Sager buys their laptops from a company called Clevo..
Does alienware use clevo?
Alienware is rebranded and tweaked Sager
Mrsdlr - check out the notebook pages at  and . Both of them have a good laptop based on a ~15inch screen with an AMD Athlon 64 cpu. You can quite easily get everything you want including 1gb of ram for that price. The laptops are based around an ASUS Z80K platform and there are many vendors selling that setup. Make sure when getting the cpu to determine which cpu it is, because AMD has made 2 mobile lines already, one of them costs a bit more but eats a bit less power and produces a bit less heat and is thus more suited to a laptop role. You might s[censored]ze an extra 10-20 mins of battery life out of if you're just doing cpu intensive stuff.

If you're not into gaming whatsoever, and you're dead stuck on AMD, you can go a lot lighter and a lot cheaper getting an older athlon xp-m model. The sky is really the limit man.
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AMD plays fairly well in the DTR department. Just ignore all the mobile chit chat and look at the most recent desktop cpu benchmark battles. DTRs generally use desktop components. Of course, notebooks that use those components can get mighty warm, which is why they are big to discharge the large thermal footprint.

As for Alienware, Sager, Eurocom, Hypersonic, Voodoo, and the rest, they use a lot of different ODMs, but their DTR notebooks are all generally made by Clevo. They may differ in quality because of the detail in paint job or other asthetics, driver support, price, warranty, customer service, upgrade policies, etc... Sometimes there is a difference in construction. Technically speaking, they don't "buy" from one another. They just share designs.