Chris Atzinger
I have some friends getting ready to build new systems. I am a fan of both Intel & AMD, so I'll go where the most performance is at the time, which the performance crown currently belongs to AMD and their Athlon XP 1800+

They have indeed decided to get the Athlon XP 1800+, but the *real* question here is which is the best motherboard for the job. They wont be overclocking (they dont want to mess with it), and they'll have full scsi systems, so on board RAID dont really matter...I've been looking around on the web and found two boards....which do you all think they should buy and why?

(1) MSI K7T266 Pro2 (no RAID, no USB 2.0)
(2) EPoX 8KHA+

Thanks for any advice given

Im not a big fan of either
I have the MSI's older brother so naturally I like it. I don't think your friends can go wrong with either board however. Myself I'll probably wait for A) Northwood and get an Intel or 😎 Abit's entry into the KT266a market. Not that there was anything wrong with my MSI but I just like Abit better.
well one thing;s for sure - u can;'t NOT HAVE raid and usv 2.0 from a MSI - it's not an option - it just comes with it
so if u don;t want it, it might be wiser to go for other boards since these extras costs $$$
Chris Atzinger
Yes you can on a MSI. There are 4 versions of their KT266A board

K7T266 Pro2-RU (RAID & USB 2.0)
K7T266 Pro2-R (RAID only)
K7T266 Pro2-U (USB 2.0 only)
K7T266 Pro2 (no RAID or USB 2.0)

tha smokah
The Epox 8kha+ has better reviews,less issues and i think it goes for cheaper.Heres whats even better then that its a little bet faster then the MSI i would have to say Epox would be my choice.. gl

my shack

Epox 8k7a+
1.4 athlon t=bird
256mb cruical 2100
30gig IBM deskstar 7200 rpm
Visiontek Geforce3 Ti500
Creative Soundblaster audigy X-gamer(works great)
3com 10/100 lan card
400 watt antec PSU
Rock stable (no issues) 
Kodger - i was looking at your specs and noticed your case. They call that a "soho server" case, while the 830 is a "perfromance series". What is different, do you know, I mean, is their a difference between a server case and a regular tower or mid-tower? I noticed that the upper front is different between the models. Is there just a door to open for the cd bays? Do you like yours? (i think  computers use that case with a different power supply)
Sorry for so many questions, but i am torn over whether to get an SX1040, or an SX840
They are basically the same case...the main difference is that the 1030 has an extra 3.5" drive cage, another 5.25" bay and a door to lock your 5.25" bays (I took the door off cuz it was a pain). I got the 1030 because I was using 3 SCSI drives at the time and I needed the room. If I had to get one right now though it would probably be the 830 because I don't need the space as much anymore.

That said I won't be getting a new because I love this case. The only gripe is that it doesn't have a removable board tray but that really doesn't bother me much because I don't switch mobo's very often. If you are a reviewer a mobo tray is supposed to be the stuff.

You will be happy with either case....
do you think that a 330w PS is enough w/ an XP1800?
it will be enough - but it's always safer to get a 350W one- and it also depends on what brand ur getting mate
the brand of PS is enermax, but the case is antec
i thought Antec came with their own PSU - which is pretty good
MSI is one of the mid-range boards if u don;t account for its features of RAID and stuff

Epox is edging over shuttle board by performance but is also 30 bucks US more expensive......Shuttle has one more DIMM slot as well ^_^
Are all these companies that make sub-100 dollar mobos (SHUTTLE) just as good? I mean, their has to me something worse about them because their features are just as good as the boards that cost 150.