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My system is
Athlon 64 3000
Gigabyte Ga-k8ns socket 754 mobo
160gig harddrive
512mb pc3200 memory
Windows xp
Geforce fx56oo Graphics card

My pc will boot up ok 50% of the time
The rest of the time when it starts to boot it hangs you get a FLASH of a blue screen with alot of messages on it which i cant read because it goes back to the begining again and boots again then you get a message do you want to start in safe mode etc....

I have updated the bios to the current version F9 but this still happens
When the pc eventually boots it runs ok with no problems
Can anyone help as this is driving me crazy
Also is there any way of finding out what the message is on the blue screen before it begins to boot again.
What type of ram do you have? Just Generic stuff? Sounds like possibly some bad memory that is giving you blue screens?
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I had pc2100 in before 2x256mb changed to 1x512 pc3200 and still had the same problem it would help if i could read the message on the blue screen.