well im tryin to remove the grease from the top of the CPU but i don know what to use ?alcohol?

jus wanted to know what kind of houshold chemicals i can use

i wont be able to reply till 9 when i get back from work

and i jus wanted to know cause i needed some more serious air cooling for another rig im makin for my bro and im trying to overclock but im using my other watercooling for my sig computer and he doesnt feel like having a huge setup so i chose the thermalright 120 with a 120mm fan from vantec btw and im also gonna use as5 so dun worry

thanks for any help
i have never done it myself, but i always hear ppl saying to use the highest % rubbing alcohol you can find.
Theres special stuff out there somewhere from Akasa but all I use is a lint free cloth and rub it gently till it comes off.
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To wipe it off both the HS and CPU:

Depends what thermal paste is on there. If it's something like AS5 i wipre it off with kitchen roll to get the worts off the polish it up with a lint free cloth (expensive on from a camera shop so I don't want thermal crap on it) to remove any duat left behind by the kitchen roll.

If it's the thicker Ceramique or other brand I'll use the Akasa stuff I have a bottle of but I'm not keen on it, it takes a a bit of rubbing to get rid of the oily feel afterwards.

If it's a thermal pad I'll heat it up with a hairdryer and use the Aksa stuff, those pads are stubborn!