I have a GA-8tx with a p4 1.3 running with 768 meg of "rambus". I know that this is a 423 socket mobo and i think the highest processors that they ever came out with was 2.0. I've seen adaptors on fleabay to change to 478 socket, are they worth it? do they work? Does my rambus work in any other mobo? or should i cut my losses and be happy with a 1.9 up grade. I'm not a big gamer, but i do burn alot of music and dvd's. What are my options any insight would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
They work as long as your mobo supports the FSB and Vcore of the new proc. No, RDRAM will not work in another mobo as this technology is no longer supported.
RDRAM is expensive too. I was at a computer swap meet not too long ago and one vendor had some IBM Netvista P4/ 1.6 ghz models without RAM or HArddrive. they had GF2MX video cards and 12x10x32 CDRW for like $100 I was thinking of picking one or two up for folding rigs until I priced 256MB RDRAM PC600 at around $100 used.. at that point i decided it wasn't worth it..
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