just got some new ram: 2X DDR-400 (512mb) to replace my 2X DDR-333 (256mb), it started up ok, ran fine, played HL2, great.

then two days later it crashed: Blue screen with writing on (went too fast to read) then restarted and came up with the old "start windows normally/last settings that worked" etc... chose last settings and it crashed again tried normally, crashed...

held INS down whilst restarting and it came up with the error "CPU is unworkable or has been changed. Please check -CPU SOFT MENU"

so... i went into bios and changed the frequency ratio manually to 200.. didnt work... moved the ram into different combinations of slots like the manual said to try, NO.....


by the way i have an NF7-S mobo, Athlon XP2400 processor, 300W PSU, and the two VData sticks i mentioned...
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Try setting your fsb to 166mhz, what your pc2700 was at and see if it will boot. Does your board support pc3200? Download memtest86 and test your RAM for at least 12 hrs. If there are no errors in 12hrs, then your RAM is fine.
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